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27 октября 2014 года ТОО "Юань Гуан - Украина"  зарегистрировало торговую марку копрорации ЮАНЬ ГУАН.

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Респиратор с биосами Юань Гуан обладает удивительным антибактериальным эффектом. Специалисты компании Юань Гуан потрудились над созданием медицинского антибактериального респиратора имеющего как защитные так и профилактические свойства.

Респиратор с БИОСом антибактериальный эффект
Национальные изобретения общего назначения, номера патентов:
02150816.x 02157796.X 96249469•0 96218754•2

[Показания к применению]
1. При болезнях дыхательных путей, вызванных раздражением и анафилаксией от вирусной и бактериальной инфекции, и бытовой химии.
2. Людям, страдающих от заболеваний дыхательной системы: бронхита, тонзиллита, бронхиальной астмы.
3. Людям с ослабленным иммунитетом и повышенной нервозностью.

[Действие продукции]
1. Дезинфицирует воздух, регулирует качество очищенного воздуха.
2. Обладает очень стойкой обеззараживающей и противовоспалительной способностью, повышает иммунитет и предотвращает возникновение заболеваний дыхательных путей.
3. Обладает лечебным и профилактическим действием для хронического бронхита, астмы и трахеита.


ЦЕНА: 5 у. е. 


0 # dongahtv 28.02.2022 06:56
Igar was weighed down by an unknown person. I didn't know it was Forelle or another man. That had nothing to do with it. The content, method, tone, and feeling they said were sticky and pressed Igar's body like a living creature. I couldn't really understand what they were saying.

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0 # andamenti 28.02.2022 06:57
What's wrong with them I can hardly understand what, but ...But now, we simply can not be happening in reality, this is what that situation is beginning to understand.Igar eu was shivering.I was hit by terror wave, and each couldn't life and well advanced in tears.He just felt, reporting,.Like the burning torch would be burned out like crazy in over his head.

https://andamenti.com/merit/ - 메리트카지노
0 # tedbirli 28.02.2022 06:57
It was hot. His mother was lying down in the middle of the men. Scary malice, ridicule, ruthless. Don't tell me this really doesn't make sense, and Igar said in a trembling voice, shedding tears, and trying to please Forel. "...Mr. Forelle?" Please...! Take all the money! Well, yeah... I stole Talan.

https://tedbirli.com/merit/ - 메리트카지노
0 # soakcitysd 28.02.2022 06:58
I'm sorry! For what my mother stole, I'll go to the high people later and apologize...!! Please forgive me!! So, please leave us as we are, and just go away...! Yes...? " But Forel laughed. "Well..." He raised his thick, onion-smelling hand and tapped his head. "Already, it's too late." Kid. Your mom is...

https://soakcitysd.com/merit/ - 메리트카지노
0 # cremocream 28.02.2022 06:58
You're being paid for your sins. ...See, and you'll never sin again, okay? " And he declared as dull as the darkness out there. "...Hit it." Igar's eyes grew bigger. This is unbelievable. I heard a scream from somewhere. It was a bird and young scream of a girl. Like the first drops of blood, it was cruel and terrible.

https://cremocream.com/merit/ - 메리트카지노
0 # tedbirli 04.03.2022 11:49
At that time, warm and friendly dreamy waters swirled and escaped around him. Since then, everything has come clearly, clearly, cruelly. Surprised gray eyes. A face in fear. A sad-looking human being who is all wet and shabby, trembling, looking for help. At that moment, I think I heard the sound of 'water' pouring out.

https://tedbirli.com/first/ - 퍼스트카지노
0 # andamenti 04.03.2022 11:49
So now, what remains is the red one. Painful. But it was something that made me feel like I was alive to the point of going crazy. Since then, time has changed Luon Ludrat. Ludat grabbed the corner of the table to the point where his hands turned white. But I didn't know it was such a painful, so intense pain...

https://andamenti.com/first/ - 퍼스트카지노
0 # cremocream 04.03.2022 11:50
Loudrat thought in pain. I haven't thought about why I even proposed to Sina. But I think I dreamed about this one day. Strange dream... In that dream, all these thoughts and pasts were revealed in front of my eyes. In the past, present, or future, somewhere in the future... There's a forest, and you meet someone who wants help.

https://cremocream.com/first/ - 퍼스트카지노
0 # loastcoastranch 04.03.2022 11:50
A dream where I open my eyes. So the moment I woke up from that dream, I was relieved that Sina was in front of me, and I think I proposed to her because I wanted her to stay like that. However, I can't believe it was like this... I never thought it would be such a sadness not to notice the existence of SEON APINES. I've loved you so much.

https://loastcoastranch.net/first/ - 퍼스트카지노
0 # andamenti 08.03.2022 05:01
He himself will lose this duel. Ludrat glanced toward the Hilato Racers. The racers nodded lightly when they learned that Ludat was looking at him. I was very sorry for Elijahion Gadiel. This was the only way to dampen his strangely high expectations and interest in himself. And in the first fight, the other person's skills are so low that playing in a play...

https://andamenti.com/coin/ - 코인카지노
0 # tedbirli 08.03.2022 05:02
It was hard, but now it's wrong. I saw that boy fighting on the first day I came to the glass palace. If this sword can really carry a sword, maybe you don't have to play in the second fight. So Ludrat made a firm decision, swung the beautiful glass sword once, and entered the stadium. But throughout this duel,

https://tedbirli.com/coin/ - 코인카지노
0 # cremocream 08.03.2022 05:02
And that's when all the ireonat is the worst surprise.Luca, who seems to be and enter the stadium inside the stadium will be changing direction suddenly went to outside.What's up with you, wondering with who used to watch him inside knew was going to the or with deet., Luca, rudeuraetAt this time, however, Luca, deet in and Sina and didn't notice that for the purpose.

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0 # loastcoastranch 08.03.2022 05:03
It wasn't until I thought about it later that when I was being treated by Ditt that he would have noticed the location of Ditt and Sina. At this moment, I didn't notice anything. Until he stood right in front of Sina. I was wondering what was going on. Standing in front of the poem, he raised his sword and suddenly drew it down. "Argh!"

https://loastcoastranch.net/coin/ - 코인카지노
0 # 우리카지노 09.03.2022 06:56
But tears suddenly poured out of that smiling face. "...Sina..." He was surprised to shed tears, tried to wipe his tears, and soon gave up. Sina raised her eyes as she was. Now I couldn't find a trace of laughter. "Det..." Did you hear that? Sherika is not from our world. You said you knew det. When... det...

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0 # 우리카지노 09.03.2022 06:57
When did you find out about it it? " Hardy of people who come to embarrassed that she said." Last night, I see.I heard you go to ... all my eryasion watOr "", she said that, you're getting it right ... suddenly was hard to stand, stubbed his toe.Hardy of people who come to help her to go." a little bit, whether in a chair.No, I lay in bed."" a healer light ... not.I, relax.

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